Buying a Home

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If you’re one of the happy home owners who owe Bank of America for your mortgage debt, you may not be seeing any mortgage relief any time soon. According to the Huffington Post article Bank Of America Executive Acknowledges Poor Service In Mortgage Mod Program by Arthur Delaney, “Bank of America has put 11 percent of HAMP-eligible borrowers delinquent for 60 days or longer into “permanent” five-year modifications — the lowest rate of the four biggest banks participating in the program.”
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When you think about getting a mortgage, the first thing that comes to mind is the bank. Of course, banks offer a diverse array of home loan programs, and they are experienced where real estate lending is concerned. But are banks really your only choice when finding financing to buy a home? Many homebuyers consult friends and family first when they think about buying a home. This is a smart move and indeed, a ...
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Choosing a home to buy entails much research on your property of interest. True, the MLS data can provide you enough information you need, but it doesn’t hurt to extend your search and look for the property’s mortgage records. Although not necessary, scouring for further information may lead you to discover certain aspects of the property that can affect how you write your purchase contract. WHAT TYPE OF ...