So You Have a House Now. What Else Do You Need?

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So now you’ve got your priced house key finally on your hands. After months of waiting and negotiating and signing seemingly endless real estate documents, you’re finally free to move in and settle into a new life. You might think: ”The worst is over.”

Or so you thought.

The moment you open that front door, every household worry settles in, sending you back into anxiety zone.

“Where can I get the internet set up? Shoot, I probably need a new stove. And how would George the Cat feel about the new house?”

Whether it’s new sheets or the pets, there’s bound to be some major shopping you’d need to do sooner than later.

To help you out, we provide a skeleton list of mostly what first-time homeowners would need to check out when shopping.

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If you bought a house with a previous owner, chances are, strangers have access to this house using their old keys. Make sure you change the locks first.

You can either choose to have the locks re-keyed if you don’t want to buy expensive new ones or you can call the local locksmith to change the locks for you.

After that, you’d want to secure a place where you can hide your house keys in case you get locked out of the house.


Although there might be some fixtures retained in the home, some of the most important kitchen and home appliances need to be bought new unless you’ve had some of them from your previous home or apartment.

Most likely, you would need a new stove or gas range, a fridge and both washer and dryer. Of course, there’s no need to buy them brand new. Many homeowners save thousands on shopping for second-hand, pre-owned appliances.


Check out your local stores for curtains, blinds, or shades. If you’re a fan of DIY projects and have some time on your hands, you can customize your own curtains for a more personal touch.

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If you plan on redecorating (fully or just a bit), you might also think about making sure the theme is on point. Look for good carpet designs and other floor coverings that match your current style. You may also consider buying new linens and towels if you think your old ones don’t suffice.


Pretty sure nobody waltzes into a new home with an old lawnmower in tow. But if you have a yard, you’d have to get one. If your garden does not need special care that you’d need to hire professional help or you’re not too particular about landscaping, a lawnmower and perhaps some occasional sweeping would be all you’d need to make the surrounding of your house look decent.


Every well-functioning home is maintained in order by one well-stocked tool box. Before you ever need any repairing, better get ready. The most basic items you’d need include hammers, screwdrivers and screws, wrenches, staple guns, a tape measure, a nail driver, some pliers, and a saw.


If you’re one who is particular about your lawn manicure or one who simply wants to ensure a nice green yard, you’d necessitate some basic garden tools such as a garden hose, sprinklers, maybe some trowels and weed whackers, a shovel, a rake, a hoe, and at least a wagon. You can conveniently find all these items in your local depot.


If you live in a city where snow is to be expected during certain parts of the year, you’d certainly have to get ready. Otherwise, it’s your own convenience that is at stake.

Shop for cheap quality snow blowers online or in your local stores or look for used ones on sale.


Some pets need a bit of time to get acclimatized on the new environment. You will probably have to leave some of your clothes and other familiar items around the house for their transition.

If you’re thinking of adding another pet/s into the family, ask your local authorities first if there are limits as to how many animals you can keep.

If you don’t have any pets yet, you might think about visiting and adopting one from the local animal shelter.

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